Setup Representative Office in China
    We have a functional office to establish an RO in China. A team of immigration, financial, and marketing professionals are at your service to manage the fund raising process.
    Marketing Manager
  • ☆ Market analysis
  • ☆ Conduct competitive market research
  • ☆ Propose and analyse program sales strategy
  • ☆ Ensure compliance with local government regulations
  • ☆ Seek general/sub agents and discuss the specific cooperation details with them
  • ☆ Guide agents to sell the program
  • ☆ Participate in seminars around China and solicit potential clientst
  • ☆ Prepare the Partnership Agreement, Legal Retainer Agreement, Agent Agreement, Purchase and Sale Agreement, Subscription Agreement
  • ☆ Compose marketing content for CD, brochure and PowerPoint
  • ☆ Office overhead management
  • ☆ Briefs and routine status reports of the RC
    Financial Consultant (CPA)
  • ☆ Introduce EB-5 program and its relevant U.S. tax laws based on individual clients’ needs
  • ☆ Identify the risks, returns, and investment of programs
  • ☆ Evaluate, review, and provide professional advice regarding investment
  • ☆ Participate seminars and answer clients’ questions regarding the RC’s EB-5 investment program
  • ☆ Propose sales strategy for the RC’s EB-5 program
  • ☆ Office expense budgeting
  • ☆ Briefs and routine status reports of the RC
    Agent Operation Team
  • ☆ Train and supervise sub-agents and collect investors’ information from sub-agents
  • ☆ Contact and assess local sub-agents
  • ☆ Compose marketing promotion material targeted for the Chinese market
  • ☆ Distribute RC investment materials to sub-agents
  • ☆ Assist the sub-agents to host seminars in China
    Bilingual Paralegal Team
  • ☆ Update EB-5 relevant news
  • ☆ Assist lawyer in answering clients’ inquiries and introduce relevant regulations to clients
  • ☆ Assist lawyer research regulations and case study
  • ☆ Operate U.S. Immigration Visa Management System and provide EB-5 questionnaire and supporting document checklist
  • ☆ Assist lawyer in the preparation of EB-5 forms and documents
    Administrative Assistants
  • ☆ Basic front desk functions
  • ☆ Secretarial duties
  • ☆ Translate all program related content into Chinese for promotion purpose
  • ☆ Coordinate and production of multi-media design
    • 1. Chinese Webpage design and construction for the RC
    • 2. CD designed to fully cover the entire scope of the EB-5 program
    • 3. Brochures highlighting program benefits and procedures to the investors
    • 4. Production of Flash and PowerPoint presentations used in seminars
→ Our Professional Group
    Frank Y. Tsang (Mr. Tsang) was born in 1960, studied abroad in Canada and the United States during the 1980's, before becoming the founder of Immigration Express (Cerritos Office) in 1984 and the Taipei Immigration Express in 1990. Mr. Tsang had served as director and consultant for the North America and Provost Branch of Taiwan Immigration Consultants Association, providing his years of experience with the US immigration law in order to better frame the immigration laws in Taiwan.Since 2003, Mr. Tsang has moved to Shanghai to build an online legal service platform now known as USLawChina, and to create a Chinese law firm management system to better assist clients and lawyers during case processing in the 21st century.
    Mr. Tsang currently acts in many leadership capacities including:
    ·Chief Operating Advisor of Immigration Express (Cerritos Office)
    ·President of Immigration Express (Taipei Office)
    ·Chief Executive Officer of USLawChina, Inc.
    ·President of Dream Express Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Tsang is licensed with:
    ·Notary Public of the state of California (1986~2014)
    ·Immigration Specialist of Taiwan Immigration Consultants Association
    ·Futures Permit issued by Securities & Futures Institute
    Fung Yen CPA of the United States . Previously, he was a member of PWC and is experienced in the area of investment and finance. His extensive experience allows him to counsel clients on present and future tax requirements, current and prospective changes, and on various business issues.
U.S. Immigration Law Firm
    We would provide a list of partnering U.S. immigration law firms. At your discretion, you can pick several of them to work with. We would suggest using at least 2-3 firms.
    Bilingual Immigration Attorney
  • ☆ Bilingual immigration attorney will communicate with both Chinese clients and RC
  • ☆ Participate seminars in China
  • ☆ Explain the immigration procedures and specific EB-5 program details to clients
  • ☆ Full review of clients’ personal qualifications and instruct investors to properly prepare documents
  • ☆ Review application forms and documents and draft cover letters to USCIS
  • ☆ Accomplish NVC and Consulate packages on behalf of the clients
  • ☆ Guidance on interview techniques with Consulate or USCIS
  • ☆ Keep correspondence with USCIS, NVC and Consulate
  • ☆ Keep clients informed of EB-5 case status
  • ☆ Assist clients in Request for Evidence, if any.
    We are looking forward to discuss cooperation details with you at your earliest convenience.
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