Localized Marketing Strategy Formulation and Promotion Support
1. About USLawChina
    USLawChina (www.USLawChina.com) is a U.S. based legal service provider founded in 2004. We provide a wide range of legal services online for the Chinese community. With a staff of over 80 in Taiwan, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, we have been able to build up a strong reputation among the Chinese community. From the 150 sets of legal e-books to the case introductions set up for the Chinese community, USLawChina also serves as the platform between lawyers and immigration companies on both sides of the Pacific Ocean serving the Chinese community worldwide. Having over 10,000 members since its commencement in 2005, and viewed by 1,800 visitors daily, USLawChina would like to invite your EB-5 program to join us and start raising capital in China today.
2. USLawChina Website Traffic Statistics
  • ☆ Daily Browsers: 1,800+ browsers
  • ☆ Total Members: 10,568 members (Average 8 per day)
  • ☆ Daily Inquiries: approximately 20 inquiries
  • ☆ Monthly e-journals sent: over 83,000 journals
  • ☆ Number of web pages: 95,000 + pages
3. Cooperation Advantages
  • ☆ Strengthens brand awareness and creates a lasting impression with clients and other legal professionals.
  • ☆ Cost-effective way to achieve high visibility to a targeted audience.
  • ☆ A highly relevant viewer group within the Chinese community (80% browsers mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, 20% left in worldwide)
  • ☆ Access to client base from its origins
  • ☆ Strong agent network – we have good business relations with over 200 agents and associates, and the number of agents is growing.
We understand that drawing prospective investors from China is both an essential and a difficult part for your EB-5 program. USLawChina has a team of professionals who can effectively promote your program and assist you in meeting your funding target. We specialize in helping Chinese investors find the right EB-5 program to invest in and to assist them through the Permanent Resident process.
Webpages Advertised
1) News & Article
Program content and marketing material provided by the RC would be translated and posted under USLawChina’s “Recently Posted” articles. The material would have a link to the home page of your EB-5 program. A short description of your EB-5 program would also appear at the end of the articles.
view main page:http://www.uslawchina.com/new.asp
view inner page:http://www.uslawchina.com/new_content.asp?xw_id=3192
2) Immigration E-Bookstore
Electronic books are offered in the categories of the immigration, citizenship, marriage, wills, trust, and real estate. The content is written in Chinese and tailored to the needs of the Chinese community. There are currently 150 e-books listed and new books are added periodically. Your ads would be placed on the top left hand corner of the E-Book main page.
view main page:http://www.uslawchina.com/sjzl.asp
view inner page:http://www.uslawchina.com/sj_xq_404.html
3) Landing U.S.
This section includes articles of topics such as U.S. culture, politics, travel, education, medical, and insurance information giving new immigrants a heads up on various topics of interest. Your ad would be placed on the right hand side of Landing U.S.' main page and in each of the subsequent links.
view main page: http://www.uslawchina.com/lvmei_list.asp
view inner page: http://www.uslawchina.com/whsh_con.asp?whsh_id=5176
4) Monthly Journal Overview
A monthly journal is published on an assortment of contemporary topics. Also, there are links to various useful areas the USLawChina website. Your ads could be place on the top left hand corner of the front page.
view main page:http://www.uslawchina.com/yk.asp
view inner page:http://do.uslawchina.cn/peng/yk130228/design-f.html
5) Case Introductions
The EB-5 case would be presented as a “feature case” in our case introduction section, in which over 100 immigration cases are listed. Case introductions include regulations, case procedures, filing materials, and FAQ, etc. Your EB-5 program would be prioritized and highlighted at the top of this list.
view: http://www.uslawchina.com/spview2.asp?id=247
6) Immigration Related Services
  • ☆ Translation & Notary
  • ☆ Background Survey
  • ☆ Will Drafting
  • ☆ Prenuptial Agreement
Your ads would be rotated within feature services (over 30) with prominent exposure on the top left hand corner.
Forum Promotion
Besides publishing on USLawChina’s website, we also publish your EB-5 ads on other well known professional forums on a monthly basis. Our publication ranks within the top two pages of major search engines including: google.cn, yahoo.cn, baidu, and cn.msn.com.
E-mail Promotion
USLawChina delivers news & articles monthly to a highly targeted database of Chinese law firms, immigration offices, and local businesses. With 80,000 qualified contacts in our e-mail database and counting, we have the most effective platform in e-mail marketing.
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