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USLawChina is a U.S. based legal service provider founded in 1984. We provide a wide range of legal services online for the Chinese population. With a team of over 80 persons in Taiwan, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, we have been able to build up a strong reputation among the Chinese community. www.USLawChina.com

We know the Chinese market is only growing more in need for legal service of all sectors as the relationship between China and the U.S. become more intertwined. We believe there are law firms in the U.S ready to expand their services into the Chinese sector. That is why we are currently building an affiliate program among law firms interested in the global Chinese market. By joining the program, our affiliates will enjoy an immediate presence in the Chinese market. USLawChina will not only market each affiliate law firmí»s services broadly in the Chinese community, but will also provide localized backend services for the firm.

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